We believe that the best thing we can give our kids is parents that are filled with the love of Jesus! That is why our kids programme starts at 10.30 every Sunday morning. We want Dads and Mums to have 1 ½ hours of undistracted face to face time with God! No more chasing toddlers down the aisles or attempting to worship with a kid in each arm!! We want you to collect your kids after church, feeling blessed and refreshed. Having encountered God, fed on the truth of His word, having been touched by His love and filled with His Spirit! To be more like Jesus than when you came in. Now that makes for happy families!

The kids will want to come back week after week for more of their own fun packed, action filled worship and learning experience. We want all ages blessed in a safe, love-filled atmosphere that leads each child to know Jesus for real in their own life.

The children's ministry is for school key stages Reception to Year 6 and is ran in the church building.  Drop-off time for kids on Sunday morning is 10:15am and pick-up time is up until 12:45pm.

ALL our workers are police checked and we are working under the guide lines of the Child Protection Policy.



We have a crèche for walking toddlers up to 4 years old in the Amazing!Grace Church building.  This rans every Sunday during the meeting. Drop-off time is 10:15am and pick-up time is up until 12:45pm.


Baby room

We have a baby room within the Showcase Cinema with toys and video where you can take your child if they become unsettled as well as an area for nursing mums who wish to feed their babies during the service.